WGK Engineers & Surveyors

About WGK

Why would you need a civil engineer or land surveyor?

For testing and analysis. For planning and design. For coordination and inspection. Civil engineers perform many duties and can be called upon for many reasons. The word "engineer" comes from Latin roots that meant "to devise." Basically, engineers are professional problem-solvers.

At WGK, we solve problems for clients such as:

  • municipal and county governments
  • state agencies
  • utility commissions
  • business and industry
  • contractors
  • private home owners

We can help you unravel the red tape of environmental permitting. We can help you develop a Master Plan for utilities that will allow your town or city to comfortably grow into its future. We can help you meet the reporting guidelines necessary to capture state or federal funding. Our surveyors can mark and map your land to the inch.

If it has to be raised, erected, paved, graded, excavated, filled or drained, a civil engineer will have to prepare the way. And to be prepared for anything, you'll need WGK. Contact us to learn more.