WGK Engineers & Surveyors


Bay Springs Pump Station Replacements

Bay Springs, Mississippi · Jasper County

By 2010, the 13 pump stations feeding the City of Bay Springs’ two wastewater treatment facilities had fallen into a serious state of disrepair, with the equipment on some pump stations obsolete, some malfunctioning and some simply not working at all. Restoring the 13-station network was essential to prevent potential sewer backup, relieve the city of the financial burden of constant maintenance and reduce the amount of flow requiring treatment. WGK, Inc., devised a plan to take those stations back from the overgrowth and rehabilitate them with new, modern equipment.

  •  Developed SRF Facilities Plan to renovate 13 pump stations
  •  Replacement of pumps and appurtenances
  •  Installation of new hatches
  •  Application of new interior coatings
  •  Installation of new control systems
  •  Installation of new electrical drops
  •  Pipe bursting/replacement of 800 feet of sanitary sewer lines
  •  Fencing of all 13 pump stations
  •  Total Estimated Project Cost: $812,000