WGK Engineers & Surveyors


Bayou Pierre NRCS Erosion Control

Mississippi · Claiborne County

The sandy Bayou Pierre river had snaked its way closer and closer to Bald Hill Road in Claiborne County, and one final, large rain event was enough to erode the precarious river bank. The bank washed away and collapsed in the storm, causing a long stretch of Bald Hill Road to break apart and sink into the mud. As the State Aid engineer for Claiborne County, WGK, Inc. designed an NRCS project to relocate Bald Hill Road to the north and reconstruct and reinforce the northern bank of the river.

  • Reconstruction of approximately 400 feet of earthen river bank.
  • Installation of 5,545 tons of rip-rap.
  • Installation of 900 linear feet of safety fencing.
  • Total Project Cost: $217,000.