WGK Engineers & Surveyors


Brignall Fire Loop

Brignall Community · Brookhaven, Mississippi · Lincoln County

When a home burned down in the newly-annexed Brignall community in the City of Brookhaven because the existing water lines could not provide adequate fire flow for firefighters, city leaders tasked WGK, Inc. with designing a project that would extend municipal water services to this densely populated area. Utilizing CDBG funding, the firm responded with the Brignall Fire Loop Project, which saw the installation of approximately 3.5 miles of water mains throughout the area with ample fire hydrants while maintaining the existing rural water association’s infrastructure in a supplemental capacity.

  • Installation of 13,500 linear feet of 6-inch water main.
  • Installation of 4,440 linear feet of 10-inch water main.
  • Installation of 52 various-sized gate valves.
  • Installation of 35 fire hydrant assemblies.
  • 555 linear feet of street borings.
  • 1,950 linear feet of driveway repairs.
  • Erosion control and traffic maintenance.
  • Total Project Cost: $471,500