WGK Engineers & Surveyors


Brookway Boulevard - Milling, Overlay and ADA Sidewalk Improvements

Brookway Boulevard · Brookhaven, MS, Mississippi · Lincoln County

With the City of Brookhaven’s main thoroughfare in need of some repair and ADA accessibility a must, WGK set about the task of preparing plans for the milling and overlay of asphalt paving for Brookway Boulevard. The project includes new striping and reflectorized markers as well as the identification and correction of adjacent sidewalks and/or crosswalks that are in need of replacing to meet ADA design guidelines.


  • Topographic survey of 0.558 mi. of roadway
  • Survey and field verification of non-compliant ADA terrain and physical obstructions
  • Recover existing right-of-way to aid in project plan preparation for roadway improvements
  • Approximate Value:  $575,000