WGK Engineers & Surveyors


Camp Shelby Sewer Rehabilitation - Sewer Network Phase

Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center · near Hattiesburg, Mississippi · Forrest County

After lying beneath the earth for more than 60 years, enduring countless hard freezes and hot summer days, the sanitary sewer system at Camp Shelby was failing fast by 2005. Inflow and infiltration into the broken pipes and manholes was causing the system's flow rate to spike by a factor of 50 during heavy rains, and the also-inadequate wastewater treatment plant was overwhelmed by these events. The Mississippi Military Department turned to WGK, Inc., for an aggressive rehabilitation program that would see tens of thousands of linear feet of sewer piping rejuvenated, manholes strengthened and unused networks disconnected. The improvements brought average daily flow down to a consistent 250,000 gallons per day and allowed planning to begin for a new wastewater treatment facility.

  • Mapping of sewer pipe network
  • Smoke testing
  • Flow monitoring
  • Inspection and cementitious repair of more than 500 manholes
  • More than 400 slip-line seal repairs
  • Installation of 15,300 linear feet of new sewer lines
  • Installation of 8,400 feet of new service lines
  • Installation of 36,000 linear feet of Cured-in-Place Piping
  • CCTV inspection and cleaning of 87,000 linear feet of sewer lines
  • 84 point repairs
  • Total Project Cost: $4.5 million