WGK Engineers & Surveyors




Southside Wastewater Treatment Plant Design and “Green” Improvements

With disposal options for the 42 million gallons of accumulated sludge piling up at the Southside Wastewater Treatment Plant, the City of Clinton opted against the trucking business.


Morton Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades

The replacement of several motors and other components at the City of Morton's sequencing batch reactor generated enough electricity cost savings to pay the monthly SRF loan installments.


Hazlehurst Wastewater Treatment Plant Rehabilitation

Hazlehurst operators were robbing parts from one component to fix another. When they'd finally had enough, WGK came in to help design a face lift for the facility.


Natchez Wastewater Treatment Plant Rehabilitation and “Green” Improvements

A multi-phased master plan of updates to rehabilitate the Natchez Wastewater Treatment Plant includes a "green" project to produce Class A Exceptional Quality Biosolids, the first of its kind in Mississippi.


Camp Shelby Wastewater Treatment Solution

A customized aerated lagoon is designed to replace a 65-year-old mechanical monster.


Decatur South Lagoon Improvements

At the Decatur South Wastewater Treatment Lagoon, the only way to get on top of a problem is to... get on top of the problem (by 2 feet).


Gulf States Canners Wastewater Treatment Conversion

After struggling with 12 wetland cells, five aerated ponds and some exceptionally stout wastewater, Gulf States Canners realized that less is far, far more.


Clarksdale Wastewater Treatment Plant Rehabilitation and Planning

Multiple, long-term projects are needed to rehabilitate the Clarksdale wastewater treatment plant, but immediate repairs must be performed to maintain compliance.


Oakley Water and Wastewater Improvements

With multiple systems failing, the water and wastewater sytems at Oakley Youth Development Center required correction.


Clarksdale 2012 SRF Wastewater Rehabilitation

An ongoing rehabilitation program keep Clarksdale's wastewater treatment plant in compliance using SRF funding.


Clarksdale 2012 CDBG UV Disinfection System

During the 2012 SRFrehabilitation project an electrical issue cause the UV disinfection system to completely fail. WGK got emergency CDBG funding to replace the failed system.


Raymond East Lagoon Improvements - Hinds Penal Farm

in 2007, Raymonds East Lagoon could not cope with the excessive amount of trash from the newly constructed Hinds County Penal Farm. The "Muffin Monster" new grinder pump, solved the problem.