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Clarksdale 2012 SRF Wastewater Rehabilitation

Clarksdale, Mississippi · Coahoma County

With its NPDES permit only two years away from expiration and a multitude of critical mechanical problems plaguing its 5 MGD wastewater treatment plant, the Clarksdale Public Utilities Commission brought in WGK, Inc., to work closely with MDEQ to evaluate the facility and prepare for long-term rehabilitation in several phases. One of the early tasks required by WGK’s 20-year Master Plan for the facility called for the removal of accumulated sludge and the complete replacement of several mechanical components at the plant, as well as the replacement of three pumping stations around the city’s sanitary sewer collection system with chopper-style submersible pumps designed to reduce maintenance. Other projects were ongoing at the plant as the SRF project was constructed, and planning for future improvements continues.


  • Removal of accumulated sludge to approved landfill and cleaning of equipment.
  • Replacement of influent screen with filter screen and manual bypass bar screen, as well as one 3,600 influent pump.
  • Replacement of grit removal blower with mixer system.
  • Replacement of primary clarifier drives and baffles.
  • Rehabilitation of biocell towers and replacement of media, with structural repairs.
  • Replacement of paddlewheel aerators with diffused air system, including dissolved oxygen probes.
  • Installation of waste sludge pumps for digesters and WAS bypass pumps.
  • Replacement of sludge transfer pump in anaerobic digester