WGK Engineers & Surveyors


Freewoods Road Bridge Replacement

Homochitto National Forest · Mississippi · Franklin County

As State Aid engineer for Franklin County, WGK, Inc. was tasked with the design and construction administration of this Local System Bridge Program project to replace a very old, failing timber bridge on Freewoods Road, a gravel access road that runs deep into the Homochitto National Forest in the southwest portion of the county. The 76-foot timber bridge, which was being eroded by the tributary it crossed, was removed and replaced with a 120-foot pecast concrete bridge that stands three feet higher. The roadway was also slightly realigned to straighten out a potentially dangerous curve.

  • Removal of existing timber bridge and excavation.
  • Installation of 74 linear feet of reinforced concrete pipe.
  • Installation of 760 linear feet of prestressed concrete piling.
  • Installation of 24 40-foot precast concrete slab units.
  • Installation of 4 31-foot precast concrete caps.
  • Installation of 468 tons of riprap and geotextile mat-ting.
  • Total Project Cost: $348,000