WGK Engineers & Surveyors


Langford Water Association Le Bourgeois Tank Rehabilitation

Brandon, Mississippi · Rankin County

In 2010, the Langford Water Association’s 60,000-gallon elevated Le Bourgeois water tank was suffering from moderate mechanical failures, needed several safety improvements and rust was beginning to spread in critical areas where the paint had failed. Inside the tank, the water level indicator was broken and significant grease/sludge buildup was occurring. The Association hired WGK to design a project to sandblast and recoat the interior and exterior of the tank and perform needed equipment replacements to make the structure compliant with health department regulations.

  • Complete sandblasting and painting of tank exterior.
  • Complete sandblasting and painting of tank interior.
  • Installation of OSHA confined space requirement equipment.
  • Installation of safety climb equipment on ladders.
  • Repairs to water level indicator.
  • Replacement of vent screens.
  • Installation of compressive grout at supports.
  • Total Project Cost: $77,000.