WGK Engineers & Surveyors


Old Highway 61 Crossdrain Replacement

Fayette, Mississippi · Jefferson County

When a pair of large corrugated metal drainage pipes underneath a newly-rehabilitated section of Old Highway 61 (Main Street) in Fayette, Miss., began to rust through and collapse, WGK, in its capacity as county engineer, designed a fast-paced project to replace the pipes while avoiding road closure and minimizing lane blockage time. The old pipes were excavated and replaced with reinforced concrete arch pipe and the road reopened in less than 30 days.

  • Removal of pavement sections and 116 linear feet of old drain pipe.
  • Installation of one 29x18 reinforced concrete arch pipe and end section.
  • Installation of one 44x27 reinforced concrete arch pipe and end section.
  • Reconstruction of roadbed with 25 tons of asphalt.
  • Total project erosion control.
  • Total Project Cost: $50,000.