WGK Engineers & Surveyors


Restore Biloxi Infrastructure Repair Program - Sewer Phase

Biloxi, Mississippi · Harrison County

WGK, Inc. is currently responsible for the design and construction administration of $27 million worth of infrastructure rehabilitation projects in three (3) of the 36 Project Areas across the City of Biloxi as designated by the Restore Biloxi Infrastructure Repair Program, a multi-phased, long-term project to restore city utility services damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The three areas, which differ in terms of geography and population density, are the North Biloxi Phase 3 (NOB3), Rodenberg at U.S. 90 (ROD9) and Gravity North Phase 3 (GRN3) areas.


  • 750 linear feet of 24-inch PVC sewer main.
  • 1,315 linear feet of SDR 18-inch main.
  • 4,714 linear feet of SDR 12-inch main.
  • 3,325 linear feet of SDR 10-inch main.
  • 9,395 linear feet of SDR 8-inch main.
  • 4,806 linear feet of 6/8-inch PVC main.
  • 877 linear feet of steel casing.
  • 2,347 linear feet of cured-in-place piping.
  • 8,635 linear feet of 6-inch service line.