WGK Engineers & Surveyors


Taylorsville SRF Water System Improvements

Brandon, Mississippi · Rankin County

With high peak demands during summer months and no elevated storage tanks to supplement supply, the Taylorsville Water Association’s system was running constantly near peak capacity, threatening the loss of minimum pressure needed to prevent contaminants from entering the system. WGK, Inc. developed a facilities plan for the association that called for the addition of a 200,000-gallon elevated tank and a new water main system to improve connectivity for its approximately 700 customers. The project corrected shortcomings in recent pump tests, inspection reports and capacity assessments.

  • 420 linear feet of various-sized steel casing.
  • Installation of 11,720 linear feet of various-sized water main.
  • Installation of 26 various-sized gate valves.
  • Installation of 11 fire hydrants.
  • Installation of three pressure-reducing valves for low areas on the system.
  • Construction of 200,000-gallon elevated water storage tank.
  • Connection to existing system.
  • Total Project Cost: $874,000.