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Tree Top Trails - Chautauqua Park

Chautauqua Park · Crystal Springs, Mississippi · Copiah County

WGK embraced the vision that the City of Crystal Springs Mississippi had for a1500-foot elevated tree top boardwalk.  The boardwalk named Tree Top Trails at Lake Chautauqua Park gives a squirrel’s eye view of the woods and creeks around, below and above the hikers.

Making the boardwalk vision a reality was a true challenge for our designers and builders since the terrain is so groundwater-rich.  Stabilizing structures was no small feat near a municipality known and named for its natural springs.  The winding, wooden walk includes spots to stop, sit and relax and the  rails are designed for comfortable leaning and looking.

The combined project cost for the two boardwalk sections was $180,000 and was completed in April 2002.