WGK Engineers & Surveyors


How we get you there

The path to improvement and growth is often blocked, by inefficient or obselete equipment, by failing distribution networks, by unsafe roads and bridges. WGK, Inc. practices a wide range of civil engineering disciplines to deal with these ensnaring obstacles and keep your team moving out of the undergrowth and into the clear.

Please click on the links to the right to explore our core services in detail. Read the list below for general project types in which WGK excels.

  • Design-Build
  • Planning (Community, Regional, Area-wide and State)
  • Planning (Site, Installation and Project)
  • Sewage Collection, Treatment and Disposal
  • Water Supply, Treatment and Distribution
  • Traffic and Transportation Engineering
  • Highways, Streets, Airfield Paving, Parking Lots
  • Bridges; Storm Water Handling and Facilities
  • Dams (Earth, Rock), Dikes, Levees
  • Industrial Waste Treatment 
  • Lighting (Exteriors, Streets, Memorials, Athletic Fields, etc.)
  • Codes, Standards, Ordinances
  • Community Facilities; Construction Management
  • Cost Estimating, Cost Engineering and Analysis
  • Environmental Impact Studies, Assessments or Statements
  • Environmental Testing and Analysis
  • Electrical Studies and Design
  • Testing and Inspection Services
  • Surveying, Platting, Mapping, Flood Plain Studies
  • Topographic Surveying and Mapping
  • Land Surveying
  • Geographic Information System Services: Development, Analysis and Data Collection
  • Mapping Location/Addressing Systems
  • Construction Surveying.