WGK Engineers & Surveyors


Site Planning and Development

A facility is worth only as much as its foundation. When that facility has the potential to employ local citizens and pump revenue into the economy, the foundation had better be right.

WGK, Inc. comprehends the economic importance of site planning and development. Whether the ground is prepared for a large industry, utility, business or governmental agency or service provider, each site must be developed to specifications and supplied with the necessary utilities to support the owner's mission. Storm water has to be drained away, roads and parking areas must provide access and facilitate production, water must be provided in adequate quantities and pressures and wastewater must be piped away or treated on-site.

Our firm understands the many variables that can affect a site development project, and is able to grasp the needs of the user and the goals of the owner to advance the creation of proficient, adaptable industrial and business sites. We are able to engage in, and contribute to, the public-private relationships that are often necessary to launch economic development projects. As a small engineering firm serving many several small communities, we are accustomed to wearing the multiple hats of designer, consultant, member and diplomat to the higher government agencies capable of pushing such projects forward.