WGK Engineers & Surveyors



We Employ Environmental Engineers Certified by the American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists

WGK, Inc. is a leader in planning, design and construction administration of wastewater treatment systems, utilizing advanced designs and technology to promote outstanding longevity and efficiency, operator friendliness and consistent permit compliance. Our wastewater treatment designs and rehabilitations are performed on a case-by-case basis, customizing each project to fit the specific environmental needs of the user. Two of those award-winning designs have made positive headlines around Mississippi for putting the state in the forefront of “green” solar-energy conversion of sludge to Class A biosolids.

Our wastewater engineering department features two Board Certified Environmental Engineers (as certified by the American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists), a PhD in environmental engineering and almost 30 years experience administering environmental regulations at the state level.

These engineers are leading from the front, with a deep understanding of the environmental rules of today and the expectations of tomorrow. WGK's wastewater engineers are anticipating the enforcement of new nutrient discharge limits set to take effect in Mississippi in late 2013, preparing for this change by utilizing our long-standing relationships with statewide environmental authorities and closely studying newly-established nutrient limits already in effect in other parts of the nation. Our proactive planning helps our clients and treatment plant operators to modify and repair their facilities to meet today’s requirements, with those improvements also supporting their ability meet potential changes in the coming decades.