WGK Engineers & Surveyors



We Employ Environmental Engineers Certified by the American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists

With so much national attention focused on the wastewater we discharge, many are forgetting the importance of the fresh water we take in. Not only is cleanliness on the decline, but water resources around the world are drying up, too. Water can no longer be taken for granted.

At WGK, Inc. we realize that leaking distribution systems, inadequate treatment facilities and failing water storage tanks are not just inconvenient, but wasteful. Without a water distribution system functioning harmoniously from well to faucet, the health of citizens is at risk, and the productivity of industry and agriculture is jeopardized.

Our water services include geological location of well sites in the pursuit of the highest-quality water, treatment solutions that meet or exceed health standards and long-range planning in the design of distribution and storage networks that will meet tomorrow's community growth projections. We provide all the necessary hydraulic, treatment, fireflow and other analyses to support the establishment of municipal/rural water systems that are safe and dependable.