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CS&I Water Company System Improvements


CS&I Water Company


Near Port Gibson, Mississippi · Claiborne County

In an effort to increase the performance and capacity of its system, the CS&I Water Company hired WGK, Inc. to explore options for drilling a pair of new water wells and extending the distribution system. The original plan called for the installation of two 150 GPM wells, but when one of the test sites brought up water heavy with manganese, the cost of filtering and treatment became an issue. Instead of dealing with treatment issues, WGK altered the plan to return to an existing site where high-quality water was known to exist and designed a single well with increased capacity. A small well existing on the site that was already off-line was deconstructed and decommissioned per environmental guidelines, and a 300 GPM well was built to take its place.

  • Drilling of two test holes to depths of 450 and 475 feet.
  • Water testing and analysis.
  • Installation of one 300 GPM water well.
  • Complete decommissioning of existing water well.
  • Installation of 22,000 linear feet of 4-inch PVC water main.
  • Installation of 22,300 linear feet of 6-inch PVC water main.
  • Construction of 21 gate valves and boxes.
  • Total Project Cost: $770,000.

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