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Summit CDBG Rail Spur

A new industry needing to ship out its products was less than 3,000 feet away from one of the nation’s primary rail lines. But without a connecting spur, it might as well have been 3,000 miles.

Interstate 20 / 59 Bridge Widening Project

With federal safety enhancements now required on interstate bridges, the department of transportation turns to the Design-Build method of project delivery near a site in Meridian.

Alcorn State University Walking and Biking Trail

WGK, Inc. performed construction engineering on a walking and biking trail leading from the entrance into Alcorn State University that went through the woods and across a pond levy until it reached the loop into the campus.

Rex Lumber Access Road

A new owner takes over a staple industry and ramps up production, requiring an industrial access road that can absorb enormous abuse from hundreds of log trucks.

Hampstead Boulevard Phase I & II

Hampstead Boulevard is in Phase II of construction and will provide a much needed corridor to businesses and will help reduce congestion on Highway 80.

Roxie CDBG Sewer Expansion

With a nearby community experiencing a multitude of septic failures, the Town of Roxie decided it was time to bring everyone into the fold with city sewer services.

Ole Brook Sewer Extension

With 50 homes on the outer edges of Brookhaven desperately needing city sewer service, the city and county teamed up for an inter-local project.

Brookhaven Citywide Sewer Rehabilitation

To put a stop to overflows and backups that seemed to occur at random, the City of Brookhaven authorized an ambitious, four-year citywide sewer rehabilitation program.

Morton CDBG Highway 80 Sewer Expansion

The need for improved sanitary sewer services grew as the City of Morton expanded during the late 1990s and early 2000s, and city leaders doggedly pursued an extension of city sewer services to unsewered areas.

Hobo Forks Pump Station and Force Main

WGK, Inc., was tapped by Natchez Water Works to design a new pump station and force main to serve the new Adams County Correctional Center, a 2,220-man prison complex in Adams County.

Hazlehurst CDBG Sewer Replacement and Rehabilitation

By 2008, the City of Hazlehurst’s sanitary sewer system was in need of a complete rehabilitation, with its old clay tile and concrete pipes cracking and collapsing, triggering inflow and infiltration, clogged lines and backups and overflows into neighborhoods and homes.

Morton Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades

The replacement of several motors and other components at the City of Morton’s sequencing batch reactor generated enough electricity cost savings to pay the monthly SRF loan installments.

Decatur South Lagoon Improvements

At the Decatur South Wastewater Treatment Lagoon, the only way to get on top of a problem is to… get on top of the problem (by 2 feet).

Kemper County Energy Facility Water Supply Upgrades

Four-inch water mains couldn’t flow enough water to satisfy the demands of the hundreds of workers building the Kemper County Energy Facility, so the Northwest Kemper Water Association decided to double down.

Roxie 2011 CDBG Water Improvements

A dozen parts and components were repaired or replaced in short order to clear up several critical deficiencies and keep Roxie’s water system in compliance with the health department.

Jefferson County DRA Drinking Water Improvements

The water being piped into homes in the City of Fayette required so much treatment it was overwhelming the treatment plant until the city, county, state and WGK dove down deep in search of higher-quality water.

Brignall Fire Loop

After a family in the Brignall Community lost their home when firefighters couldn’t get enough water pressure out of the lines, the City of Brookhaven connected the community to the municipal water system.

Highway 471 Water Line Relocation

The construction of a new highway to serve a fast-growing metro area required the Langford Water Association to relocate more than 15,000 linear feet of water lines.

Old Highway 61 Crossdrain Replacement

Dangerous holes began to erode on the sides of a newly rehabilitated road when a corrugated metal drainage pipe rusted and collapsed, and a stronger pipe was needed.

Camp Shelby Pump Stations 4 & 6 Rehabilitation

The soldiers in training at Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center aren’t the only ones participating in the base’s higher-ops tempo mission. The sewage pumping stations are ’round-the-clock, too.

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