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Water Services

Clean water is the backbone of a healthy community.

Don’t let failing water storage tanks, leaking distribution systems, and inadequate treatment facilities jeopardize the health of your citizens.

Our Water Services Include:

  • Geological location of well sites 
  • Water treatment solutions
  • Long-range planning and design of water distribution and storage networks
  • Water tank inspection
  • Water tank rehabilitation design

With thousands of projects under our belt, you can be confident your water systems are in capable hands.

Projects in Water Services

Kemper County Energy Facility Water Supply Upgrades

Four-inch water mains couldn’t flow enough water to satisfy the demands of the hundreds of workers building the Kemper County Energy Facility, so the Northwest Kemper Water Association decided to double down.

Roxie 2011 CDBG Water Improvements

A dozen parts and components were repaired or replaced in short order to clear up several critical deficiencies and keep Roxie’s water system in compliance with the health department.

Jefferson County DRA Drinking Water Improvements

The water being piped into homes in the City of Fayette required so much treatment it was overwhelming the treatment plant until the city, county, state and WGK dove down deep in search of higher-quality water.

Brignall Fire Loop

After a family in the Brignall Community lost their home when firefighters couldn’t get enough water pressure out of the lines, the City of Brookhaven connected the community to the municipal water system.

Highway 471 Water Line Relocation

The construction of a new highway to serve a fast-growing metro area required the Langford Water Association to relocate more than 15,000 linear feet of water lines.

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