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Jefferson County DRA Drinking Water Improvements


Jefferson County Board of Supervisors


Fayette, Mississippi · Jefferson County

Water wells serving the City of Fayette were shallow, reaching down only 270 feet into a water source high in iron and manganese. The water was far above the Environmental Protection Agency’s secondary limit for iron (0.3 mg/L) and manganese (0.05 mg/L), and required high levels of treatment from the city’s aging treatment facility to remove the staining metals, sediment and bitter metallic taste. WGK, Inc., worked with the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality and the EPA to find new sources of water that required less treatment, drafting plans for a series of test wells to locate and utilize better water, allowing the city to develop options for future wells and treatment procedures. The test wells were brought online as permanent wells.

  • Citywide geological analysis to locate superior water source
  • Drilling of 1,220-foot test well screened at 670 feet
  • Drilling of 1,210-foot test well screened at 610 feet
  • Collection and testing of water samples
  • Conversion of test wells into permanent well sites.
  • Construction of two 300 GPM water wells.
  • Total project cost: $1.05 million.

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