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Langford Water Association System Improvements


Langford Water Association


Brandon, Mississippi · Rankin County

During the dry, hot summer months of 2007, the Langford Water Association was pumping water at a rate of 865,000 gallons per day to meet peak demand, an output that was taking a toll on the system’s wells and the aquifer itself. Well pumps were operating more than 12 hours per day, and the aquifer was draining at such a level that pump submergence became a frequent problem. Pressures in the southern part of the system were low, and contamination was a looming threat. WGK, Inc., was called in to perform an in-depth study of the water system, a study that led to the association’s approval of the construction of a new water well that allowed minimum pressure maintenance and an expanded capacity across the system.

  • Drilling of approximately 1,300-foot test well
  • Construction of 12-inch by 8-inch gravel wall well
  • Installation of 500 GPM vertical turbine well pump at 85 PSI
  • Installation of 8-inch DIP discharge piping
  • Connection of 480-volt three-phase electric service
  • Installation of chlorination facility
  • Installation of 460 linear feet of various sized C-900 water line
  • Installation of 175KW diesel generator, transfer switch and concrete pad
  • Total project cost: $598,000

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