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Morton SRF Pumping and Treatment improvments


City of Morton


Morton, Mississippi · Scott County

After enjoying success in luring new industries and completing an annexation that enveloped 35 residences and several businesses, the City of Morton asked WGK, Inc., to re-evaluate its sewage collection and service methods, an evaluation that found upgrades to the city’s Pump Station No. 1 and force mains were needed to meet current and future demands and reduce backups that occurred during heavy rains. The city agreed, green-lighting a project that enhanced the pump station to 12 MGD with variable frequency drives and slightly increased the capacity of the 3.15 MGD wastewater treatment facility.

  • Removal of existing equipment while bypass pumping.
  • Installation of two new 125 horse-power dry-pit pumps.
  • Replacement and installation of 14,850 linear feet of 20-inch PVC force main.
  • Construction of equalization basin at wastewater treatment facility.
  • Addition of two new floating aerators at wastewater treatment facility.
  • Additional wastewater treatment facility upgrades, including automated gate, valve repairs and electrical up-grades.

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