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Morton Water and Sewer System Improvements


City of Morton


Morton, Mississippi · Scott County

The City of Morton didn’t want to miss out on a chance for economic growth when a developer with big plans came calling in early 2008. The proposed new development included the construction of three acres of commercial property, multi-family housing, single-family housing and an assisted living facility along Highway 13. But the targeted areas were not connected to the city’s sanitary sewer system, and the developer faced a deadline for closing on the property. The city had to act fast, and did so by enlisting the support of WGK, Inc., to examine the targeted areas, design new sewer extensions, redesign some components of the existing sewer system and secure a CAP loan for the work.

  • Construction of access road
  • Installation of 9,765 linear feet of tracer wire
  • Installation of 433 linear feet of 8-inch PVC gravity sewer piping
  • Installation of 4,745 linear feet of 6– and 8-inch force main
  • Installation of 1,438 pounds of ductile iron fittings
  • Construction of a 180 GPM sewage pumping station
  • Installation of 4,780 linear feet of 10– and 6-inch C-900 water main
  • Installation of 1,220 linear feet of steel and HDPE casing and carrier piping
  • Connection to existing sanitary sewer system
  • Total Estimated Project Cost: $510,500

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