WGK Engineers & Surveyors


Brookhaven Water Treatment and Tank Rehabilitation

Brookhaven, Mississippi · Lincoln County

The City of Brookhaven’s 35-year-old water treatment plant on Railroad Avenue had sprung a leak—several leaks. City engineer WGK was called in to design a rehabilitation project to repair and recoat the clear well, aerators and block walls. The project also involved the rehabilitation of a 500,000-gallon elevated water storage tank on Fender Trail that served Brookhaven Industrial Park No. 1, where two of the city’s largest employers are located. The Fender Trail tank and treatment plant tank were drained, recoated inside and out and brought back online, while repairs to the plant’s aerators were made.

  • Complete blast and paint of interior and exterior of Fender Trail tank.
  • Installation of water level indicator.
  • Welded pit repairs and lap seams.
  • Replacement of safety features.
  • Installation of new 9x9 induced draft aerator and repairs to remaining aerator.
  • Clean, prep and paint interior and exterior of clearwell and treatment building.
  • Replacement of butterfly and drain valves, and access hatch.
  • Total Project Cost: $530,000.