WGK Engineers & Surveyors


Hampstead Boulevard NRCS Drainage Repairs

Clinton, Mississippi · Hinds County

A particularly heavy rain event in the City of Clinton eroded away the banks behind the trapezoidal concrete drainage ditch on Hampstead Boulevard, the city's new industrial access highway connecting its two most important business and industry centers. Approximately 100 feet of the ditch, to a depth of 6 feet, collapsed. Likewise, the same rain event causes heavy erosion on the roadside just north of the area on Broadway Street, severely exposing the asphalt in several places. WGK, Inc. was directed to work with the NRCS to design repairs and improvements to both sites.

  • Clearing and removal of failed structure.
  • Construction of two SS-2 inlets.
  • Construction of five 36” X 60” catch basins.
  • Construction of 531  linear feet of 35” X 23” concrete arch drainage pipe and same-sized arch FES.
  • Construction of concrete collar.
  • 33 tons of asphalt repairs.
  • Concrete curb and gutter repairs.
  • Total Project Cost: $99,000.