WGK Engineers & Surveyors


Mississippi State Crime Lab Roadway Infrastructure

Whitfield · Mississippi · Rankin County

WGK, Inc. prepared the roadway system for the new Mississippi State Crime Lab in Whitfield to handle heavy loads and menacing weather conditions. Working directly for the Bureau of Buildings and Grounds, WGK designed a pair of 7-inch asphalt access roads that run three-quarters of a mile through the site. The industrial road is also well-drained, with complete curbing and 15-inch storm drains throughout. A rip-rap channel on a 3:1 slope drains more than 800 feet of the length and a second, smaller channel extends an additional 300 feet. Three large concrete box culverts carry the road across low points.

  • Application of 8-inch lime base treatment.
  • Installation of 8,100 tons of asphalt for main road (3,100 linear feet) and secondary road (1,100 linear feet).
  • Construction of three 10-foot by 4-foot concrete box culverts, measuring 139 feet and 96 feet (x2).
  • Construction of 1,100 linear feet of rip-rap channels (8 feet by 3 feet).
  • Installation of 15-inch storm drains with complete curb and gutter.
  • Total Project Cost: $2.8 million.