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Oakley Water and Wastewater Improvements

Oakley Youth Development Center · Raymond, Mississippi · Hinds County

By the late 2000s, Oakley Youth Development Center, a juvenile correctional facility located near Raymond, Miss., was in need of several upgrades to its on-site water and wastewater systems. WGK, Inc. was asked to design a plan of improvements for the campus that would eliminate lead-based paint on the elevated water storage tank, replace and repair faulty sewer lines that frequently failed, replace an inadequate wastewater pumping station and replace a wastewater treatment lagoon with a new mechanical plant.

  • Elevated water storage tank rehabilitation and painting.
  • Water well abandonment.
  • Construction of a new 8-inch sewer line across campus.
  • Installation of a new pump station to increase flows campus wide, including new forcemain to the wastewater treatment plant.
  • Installation of 60,000 GPD wastewater treatment plant with fine screen.
  • Installation of 200,000 square-foot treated wastewater drip system.
  • Total project cost: $1.6 million