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Storm Water

We Employ Environmental Engineers Certified by the American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists

You can't stop the rain.

But if running waters are causing streets and parking areas to submerge, land to break up and erode or construction sites to wash away, the storm water management engineers at WGK, Inc. can help you dry up the flood. And with the attention paid to storm water management and its regulation increasing, now may be a good time to have drainage structures and procedures evaluated, flood or no flood.

Storm water is managed in a variety of ways, and two owners five miles apart may operate vastly different systems. By recording and analyzing hydrological data, WGK can prepare a storm water plan that could include separate sanitary sewers, detention ponds or simply best management practices, and can specify the size and type of structures needed to prevent storm water from becoming flood water. Our engineers can also walk owners through the permitting requirements for less common cases where construction activities are classified as point-source discharges requiring treatment.